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Safety on Jobsites

MSM Contractors literally wrote the book
on industry standards.


What Makes MSM Contractors Unique
• We’re part of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA), the HVAC industry's primary standards organization.
• We keep pace with current product specifications, building codes and government regulations.
• The knowledge and experience we employ on your job is the same that goes into establishing, monitoring and updating standards for the entire industry.

The Associations we belong to:
• Maintain their own staffs of engineers to continually gather and organize data from throughout industry.
• Publish scores of technical manuals, guides, and standards each year. (In the HVAC industry alone, SMACNA sells more than 50,000 documents annually covering all aspects of the industry).

Many industries follow standards. Our industries set and live by them.

Play it Safe.
In today’s litigious society, safety on the job should be as important to you as it is to us. With MSM contractors and laborers on the job, you have peace of mind knowing each task is being performed skillfully, properly... and safely.
• OSHA-sanctioned safety courses are part of MSM’s preliminary and ongoing training.
• Each of our industries underwrites its own specialized health and safety programs with emphasis on each of the various job specialties.

Certification: Expertise Guaranteed.
Just as you make an investment when you hire us, the professionals we send to your job site have made an investment of time and resources to gain certification. In our industries, “certification” is a true badge of honor -- proof positive that our people:
• ...have attained the highest levels of proficiency.
• ...uphold the highest standards of workmanship.
• ...take legitimate pride in their work and their achievements.

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